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Venus is one of my favorite planets. What's not to like? Where she goes Venus always brings a little something. A nice gift for us to open. We don't always hear about Venus because she is considered a personal planet. That is, a planet that is closer to the Sun and moves fairly quickly thru the signs, she is not considered the heavy hitter that let's say Saturn is. But don't underestimate her.

One year just for fun I decided to run the charts of all the Academy Award winners. Guess what? The majority had a strong Venus influence transiting their chart. Venus brought them a gift all right. Like all planets Venus has her high side and her shadow side. We all equate Venus with love. But Venus also has a sideline around money. This planet holds dear the pleasures of life. She wants the best wine, the most expensive clothes and maybe a staff member to peel her a grape. Luxury and Venus go together like PB&J. Nothing shoddy or cut-rate for this planet. Oh no, she wants the best of everything and who can blame her? Venus embodies grace, elegance and refinement. But there is that shadow side. This lovely planet can also be a bit lazy and too focused on luxuries to take care of what is necessary. Venus can be a bit shallow if operating in darkness. There can be an entitlement that says "I'm so beautiful I shouldn't have to work".

Wherever Venus is in your chart is going to show how you react to love. What kind of love partner do you crave? Who makes your heart beat faster? What makes you feel loved? How do you show someone your love for them? All these questions are answered by what sign and house Venus is placed in your chart. So what Venus is up to is important to all of us. This year we have several strong planetary combinations that we do not see too often and in 2020 they are all happening pretty close together. On April 4th Venus moved into the sign of Gemini and instead of doing its thing and moving on, it will stay there, retrograde back and then move forward again. In all Venus will stay in Gemini until August 8th. Quite a bit longer than the usual three weeks! And we will experience both the forward motion of Venus as well as the retrograde (backward) motion of this lovely planet.

When a planet is said to be retrograde it simply means that it looks like it is moving backward. When Venus is retrograde we often hear from old loves. We go back and often a voice from the past shows up. Sometimes that is just to say hello, but other times an old involvement shows up to see if you can get back together again. Only you can say yes or no, but Venus brings you the opportunity. But that retrograde motion can also brings up old behaviors that you thought you had finished up with. Dating bad boys for example. Or maybe drowning your sorrows in a credit card spree thru the mall. We have to be careful that we are engaging in the right behaviors.

Venus in Gemini is super charming. You are in effect combining the verbal skills of Gemini with the grace and ease of Venus. Quite a combo! People in sales do very well because they can talk anyone into anything. All the air signs (Gemini, Libra & Aquarius) will especially benefit as this Venus will blow kisses to their Sun. But Venus in Gemini can also be shallow and superficial. They can throw out compliments that mean nothing and then talk about you behind your back. There's how this shadow side shows up - with insincere talk. We have to make sure we are being honest when Venus visits for so long. Venus here is very sociable right when we are asked to stay home, so many people will start to feel antsy and want to be around people again. I don't know how that is going to work out. Zoom and other media outlets are going to do very, very well as we seek to stay close to the people we hold dear. We want to hear good news and positive statements. Venus in Gemini hates to give bad news to anyone. We want to uplift people with our words and language. It is a great time to write a new song or play, work on your book or compose a poem. When our words are infused with the beauty of Venus there is no stopping us.

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