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At first I wasn't going to write anything about this year's Presidential Election. No matter which party you belong to, someone ends up angry with you. Even writing about politics from a purely astrological perspective is dicey, as people are taking this election and their particular candidate very personally. But then I realized this is the very reason I should write something. We are living through an election the likes of which we have never seen before. In my 60 some years living on this planet I do not remember ever seeing an election this polarizing. It is like the entire nation is taking part in some kind of reality show. We have two contestants, a major prize to be won and unexpected obstacles to overcome as we the nation get to vote on a winner. It is crazy.

Talking about Hillary Clinton to a Republican, results in a foaming at the mouth rage that is visceral. And forget mentioning Donald Trump to a Democrat…. The level of contempt just spews forth at unprecedented levels. What happened??? Why is this election so polarizing and for the $64,000 question - Who will be our next president?

I think the stars have plenty to say about both candidates and which candidate is going to win in November and eventually take the oath of office. Let's set knee-jerk reactions aside for a moment and take a look at what the planets show.

Donald Trump is a Gemini. Hillary Clinton is a Scorpio. Both candidates in different ways represent this country's shadow side. Trump is saying many of the things Americans think but have not said out loud because it doesn't reflect well on the values we grew up with. The view most Americans have of the US, is a county that is the good guy and the one who wears the white hat and always takes the high road. Let's face it, on some level we want to stop being the voice of reason and restraint and bomb the heck out of those who want to hurt us. We want to be the bully and stop being the one to get sand kicked in our face. Trump makes it okay to be in touch with those parts of ourselves that do not exactly represent the best and highest within us. He says take the low road and let the other person watch out for a change. Instead of feeling weak and powerless, we now feel strong and powerful. As Trump gets into one fight after another it is as if all of America gets in touch with the part of them that says "take that" and "how'd you like them apples"? Not exactly the road of diplomacy and restraint. Even those not voting for Trump get to feel better about themselves, because they are not doing what he is doing. In point of face, they get to feel superior. Either way he shows us a side of ourselves as a nation we often push aside.

Hillary on the other hand represents a different part of our shadow. Scorpio is a sign that is most comfortable in the shadows instead of the light. They work best behind the scenes and excel at manipulation and deception. Hello? Sound like anyone we know? And what is Hillary in so much trouble about? Her use of secret email accounts and not being open and honest in her dealings and above all not following the rules laid down for everyone. How perfectly Scorpio. There is a sublet vibration of entitlement around her. "I'm doing important work so the rules don't apply to me", something that is the underbelly of the American Dream. Our country is founded upon principles of fairness and equality. But our country has been rich and powerful for so long we have always been able to do pretty much what we want and who's to stop us? Hillary forces us to realize that, as a nation, we don't always practice what we preach. Here she is running for the highest office possible and she has broken the law and not been held accountable. Worse, she has not fallen on her sword and humbly apologized for doing wrong. And we do not want to forgive her for that. How dare she think she is better than everyone else? How dare she not hold up her mistakes and ask our forgiveness? Americans will forgive almost anything as long as the person opens up about it. Spin masters know this. They usually advise their client to publicly confess and then maybe enter rehab and all will be forgiven. But Hillary refuses to do so and this attitude is seen as unforgivably arrogant. She seems to place herself above everyone else, something that infuriates Americans. She is an example of how we are not as a nation living up to the ideals of fairness and honesty our nation was founded upon and who wants to be reminded of that? She is a living, breathing example of do as I say not as I do.

What do both charts show about how each candidate views the office of president and what kind of leadership does each candidate bring to the table? The US has a very interesting astrology chart and both candidates relate to it pretty strongly. As a nation we have Saturn at the top of our chart, indicating that we want and need a strong leader. As a nation we can even go too far in terms of strength and cross the line into arrogance, something we as a nation have to be careful of. We also have four planets in the area of open enemies and we can all agree that there are many countries that consider us their enemy. As a nation we are blessed with both Mercury and Pluto in money houses and we have known what it is to be the richest nation on the planet. But whose chart (Hillary or Trump's) relates better to our nation's chart?

'Tune in next week for Part 2 - Donald Trump and the chart of America

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