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The Great Conjunction

First off, let me say that Venus is NOT HAPPY in Aries. Venus is the planet of love and romance. Everything about Venus is about us, not about me. But Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and is all me, me, me. That is not a bad thing, Aries is supposed to be concentrated upon self. It's just that Venus doesn't seem to know what to do in a sign that has so little to do with partnership. Passion and assertiveness are strong with Aries, yet Venus wants to smile prettily and have someone serve her. Not too much common ground there. Whether you have Venus in Aries in your natal chart or not, this move will affect us all. Venus will fall somewhere in all our charts and that area will be lit up for the next few weeks. Venus will not leave Aries until May 15th.

Let's talk about Aquarius shall we? This sign is all about change. I know most of us have had enough to try and get through 2020 and just want a little peace. There is nothing peaceful about Aquarius. This sign is all about the future. I love it because The Water Bearer is quirky and different. They refuse to follow the leader and instead march to the beat of their own personal drummer. When we have planets here, we fight for equality. There nothing Aquarius loathes more than injustice. They want everyone to be treated the same. Of course, this doesn't always happen, but they hold onto that ideal and are willing to fight for it. Aquarius also rules technology, friendships, groups and out-of-the-box thinking. They come up with the most outrageous ideas only to see them come true. And it doesn't help that Jupiter and Saturn have little in common. Okay nothing in common.

Jupiter is a planet of optimism. They are convinced there is a pony in there somewhere. If you knock them down they will get up and keep going and refuse to give in to defeat. Their enthusiasm will inspire others and they always remind me of that old Judy Garland, Mickey Rooney movie where someone says "come on gang, let's put on a show and save the farm!" That is soooo Jupiter energy. On the other hand Saturn is nothing like this. Saturn reminds me of our maiden aunt that reminds us to eat our veggie and floss after every meal. We need Saturn but quite don't always enjoy the pushing or nagging or authoritive nature of this planet. Saturn insists on doing the right thing. I know that doesn't sound so bad but it can cause no end of problems. This planet often bring restrictions and limitations that we have to fight to overcome. And let us not forget the responsibilities that Saturn brings with it. Sometimes this is a responsibility that we welcome. We buy a house, have a baby or get promoted. All responsibilities that we welcome. But what about taking care of an ill parent of losing our job or having an accident. Suddenly we may have responsibilities that we find just a bit too challenging. With Saturn we don't always know which way it is going to manifest. Now imagine these two very different planets tied in a sack together to try and make peace. That is what is happening as we enter a New Year. We can be positive and energetic one day and depressed and discouraged the next. It just depends on which planet is having a bigger influence at any one moment.

Because Aquarius loves equality and fairness I'm looking for more social unrest in the coming year. I think we will see Americans marching for their ideals and these ideals can be climate change, economic equality or black-lives-matter. We want to stand up and be counted. Remember that we are moving away from Capricorn energy which is traditional and conservative into wild and wonderful uncharted territories. The more you resist change, the harder this combination will be. But the more you welcome and even reach out for change, the easier the New Year will be.

I cannot emphasize enough the power of the Great Conjunction. We are being given a gift and that gift is the power to change our lives in whatever way we want. Talk about a lovely present under the tree! Politics becomes more liberal and progressive whether we are ready or not. Trying to hold onto the past will only make us more miserable. Think about all the inequalities in our society from the color of your skin to your sexuality. To some degree there may be injustice and now as a nation we are going to be saying - no more. We want everyone treated the same. Since Aquarius rules humanity we are going to look at what we think the common good really is. There can be great confusion but out of the confusion comes a new way of looking at things, a new society emerges.

More than just the Great Conjunction happening, it is happening on December 21st the Winter Solstice! Wow. Talk about power. The Winter Solstice is the day with the shortest period of daylight and the longest night. In astrology it is all about one cycle ending and a new one beginning. On this day the power of ritual and ceremony is greatly increased. Now is the time to think about what you want to create in your life and take those first steps to making it happen. Gone is the authority and rigidity of Capricorn and in its place is the infinite possibility of Aquarius. We have just been given a blank slate upon which we get to write our own story. What will yours be?

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