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Understanding the Aries child is easy. Aries wants what it wants and wants it NOW . As an infant they will be the baby screaming the loudest to be changed or fed. They need to get your attention. And once their immediate needs have been taken care of? Well then, they turn right back into that sunny natured baby you had a minute ago. And that's pretty much the way Aries operates from infanthood into early adulthood. Congratulations, you are the proud parent of one of the most impatient signs in the zodiac. Aries doesn't have time to do it the long way. They want to see it, touch it and taste it immediately. It takes the little Ram some time to learn that rushing into action too early can cause mistakes they need to redo later on. Many parents talk about their Aries child being a daredevil and marvel at their fearlessness. You however, may get a few gray hairs trying to make sure their reach does not exceed their grasp. I get a real kick out of watching an Aries child get interested in something. Their enthusiasm for everything takes them down many interesting highways and you make the journey with them. The challenge for their parents is not how to get Aries motivated but how to help them focus all that energy in one direction. Almost all Aries children love to be first and whether it's doing well on their SAT's or finishing that bowl of cereal, making it a contest is a sure fire way to get their attention. They love to compete and they love to win. Getting both girls and boys involved in team sports is a great way to channel that competitive spirit but still teach them about sharing and teamwork. The little Ram will keep you on the go, but who can say no to such a bundle of fun?

Taurus children are stubborn! There's no other way to say it. These children will stick their little feet into the ground and no amount of pushing or cajoling is going to move them. That's something you as their parent learn very quickly. But when you try and tell your friends about your child's stubborn streak, they look at you like you're crazy. "That sweet child? This quiet baby?" Huh. They just don't get it. But you do, or you will very shortly. Your little Bull has a mind of his/her own. But that doesn't mean they aren't sweet, kind and loving - because they are. It's just that the transition from sweet child to raging bull can catch you off guard if you're not prepared. Because these children can be quite willful, it's important that there is a strong balance of love and support along with rules and discipline. The best way to get a Taurus child to do something they don't want to do is explain the reasoning behind it. Taurus is an earth sign meaning they are practical and down to earth. As long as they can see the logic behind it they'll usually go along. At least by the time they can reason. These kids want things to make sense, so they'll start to question childhood fairy tales very early. "But how can a house be made out of gingerbread? It'll get soggy when it rains." Better think of a good explanation for Santa and the tooth fairy as well. They'll keep on asking until they get an answer that makes sense to them. They keep on working at things long after the other signs have given up and gone home. Determination is central to who they are. They HATE to give up. Teachers will recognize their efforts to learn and little Taurus generally does well in school. Their loving nature wins over everyone they meet, but they will always love you best of all.

I know just what the parents of a Gemini child need. - Track Shoes. You're going to need them, running after this little energizer bunny. They start speaking early and never stop. Begin saving for their cell phone bill now. Gemini is an air sign and deals with the mind. Naturally bright, they may get good grades without having to study. And if you pop your head in to see how they are coming with that book report, they'll be studying with the T.V. and radio on and probably a blackberry in hand. Parents throw up their hands and wonder how they can possibly concentrate but Gemini was born multitasking and gets bored doing only one thing at a time. That's why they love all those gadgets. Get them a computer early. By age five they will be showing you shortcuts and by age seven will want a bigger computer. These children really need to have their minds stimulated in order to feel content. Read to them early and often. They may be very restless and never stop running, so finding some way to help them calm down and focus that quick mind will be a big help to them later on in life. You may be yelling you're not made of money after spending cash on piano lessons, or soccer uniforms only to have them move on to the next thing. Don't blame them, they are only being true to themselves. Exploring is natural to them. You'll end up amazed at seeing them carry on a conversation with an adult about global economics or health care reform. Gemini is a natural born debater. Don't debate with them because you'll lose. I hate to say it but "Because I said so" is probably going to save you a whole lotta time and aggravation. They will put together a well thought out case on why they should be allowed to stay up to watch Letterman when they are nine. Start boning up on your rebuttal now.

Sometimes it's hard to know with a Cancer child just who the mother is and who the child is. The little Crab tends to mother, and the first people they'll start with are their families. Family is super important to Cancer. They believe the world begins and ends with their parents and siblings. If you are arranging play dates, try and have the kids over to your house. Cancer always feels more confident on home ground. Away from home you may see them retreat into that famous Cancer shell. Shyness can be a real problem for them. They HATE to relocate, so keeping things as stable as possible at home gives them a wonderful sense of security growing up. They may rather stay home and be Mommy or Daddy's little helper than go out and play with the other children. Pets are a good way to channel some of that nurturing energy. Younger sibling will receive a full dose of Cancer's nurturing side. You have to be careful how you speak to the Cancer child. They are super sensitive and may start to cry if you snap at them or even if they hear a harsh tone to your voice. They pick up on atmosphere as well, so most of them already know if something is wrong. If they can't talk about it openly it just might show up as stomach trouble. Food is often an outlet of feelings that are not being expressed. Watch their diet. It can tell you loads about their mood. These children are very intuitive. If they say they have a bad feeling about something, I'd pay attention. Their feelings, more than anything else will guide them as they make choices and decisions growing up. When they are older you may have to push a little to get them to move out but they are so sweet and funny and loving who wants them to ever go.

What a little Star! The young Lion will be the first child with a hand in the air to volunteer to read aloud, clean the blackboard or lead the class out to the playground. Anything to be noticed. These children have an inborn need for attention. It's not worth doing if there's no one around to applaud. And if you are raising a Leo child, the first thing you learn to do is praise them. Virgo children will not be bothered by your pointing out that orange is not really a good color for the sky, but Leo will be devastated. You didn't like it? They are being criticized? Life is over - Sigh. That's another thing you'll learn very quickly. They love drama. It's not that they lie, but they do tend to exaggerate the truth. They want your attention and approval almost more than they want air to breath. Some parents are afraid of raising little egomaniacs with all that praise and attention, but the opposite is true. When they know their parents are proud of them it gives Leo a sense of security that nothing else will. They want to succeed in anything they put their hand to. Any failure, no matter how small, will have them questioning themselves and their abilities. Their efforts cannot just be okay, they have to stand out from the crowd. Leo's pride will not allow anything else. Parents can use the Lion's pride to their advantage as a way of motivating them. The best is always what they are aiming for. When they are young, glitz and glitter is the way to get their attention. They love to wear a crown. But just like the best kings and queens they are generous to their subjects. The grand gesture is what they seek, either to give or receive. It's your job to help them balance ego and pride with true self worth and confidence. No small task but wow what a payoff!

Some people will think the mother or father of a Virgo child has it made. After all, Virgo's tend to be neat and orderly. While the parents of other children are yelling at them to clean up their room, your little darling has all their toys put away and is busy alphabetizing their books by title and subject. No doubt about it, your child can be a bit of a neat freak. Their clothes have to be ironed just so, their food cooked a certain way and don't even get me started on all the showers they take once they hit puberty. But the parents of these children have a very special job ahead of them. Namely, helping their child believe they are good enough. Virgos are the perfectionists of the zodiac. They notice every flaw. Needless to say, this can be a bit challenging for everyone around! If your son gets an A in school he will show you the mistake made that kept it from being an A+. If your daughter wins at basketball you'll hear all about the missed shot. These children need praise and encouragement just to keep going. Holding yourself to an ideal of perfection can be a bit wearing. They start worrying early and take any criticism to heart. Everything from global warming to the right brand of toothpaste will come under scrutiny. Help them learn to laugh at themselves and the inevitable mistakes we all make and you will be giving them a gift for life. There is a natural health awareness to the sign of Virgo and don't be surprised if they love to read medical books or spend hours at the vitamin store. Many of them have innate healing gifts. But most of all, your little Virgo's are kind, sweet and so caring you just want to hug them to pieces. What a job to have.

Libra's are some of the most beautiful children around. This sign is ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty. Somehow little Libra learns early on that love is good and anger is bad. Anyone's anger (parent, teacher or neighbor) can be very threatening to them. But since most of us do get angry from time to time (including little Libra) it's a good idea to teach them it's okay to be angry sometimes and help them find a positive way of expressing it. These children radiate sweetness and joy. They need, and tend to give lots of hugs and kisses. For them to be happy they need to feel loved, first by family and later from a romantic partner. Be warned, these kids start to discover the opposite sex early. You'll be called on to dry tears after a breakup and for your counsel during one. It seems as if your Libra is always getting into or out of a relationship. They are not happy loners. Arrange lots of play dates, because this sign blossoms around other people. One of their biggest challenges in life is going to be finding the balance between themselves and others. Libra will give away all of themselves to make someone else happy. How do I make everyone happy, is a question they are always asking. That's why choices can be difficult for them. This child will be immobilized if he or she thinks someone will be upset about their choice. But Libra children will stand by their decision no matter what in terms of what they wear. Libras (boys & girls alike) will put their foot down in a minute if you are tying to get them to wear clothes that don't match or shoes that are scuffed. Fashion is big for these kids. Start saving now because they will be asking for the latest designer item before you know it. You may spend a fortune on designer labels but who can say No to that face?

SCORPIO - CHILD The stare of the Scorpio child can be a little unnerving. "Mom, he's looking at me", will certainly be heard if there are siblings in the house. They look deeply and intently. Adults can be uncomfortable with that penetrating gaze. It always seems as if they are seeing something that others miss. And chances are they do. Scorpio's tend to hang back and watch what's going on. Let Leo grab the spotlight, little Scorpio isn't made that way. They want to know what's really going on below the surface. They love secrets. A sure fire way to get Scorpio's attention is to say 'I've got a secret." They won't be able to resist. But don't expect these little Scorpion's to reciprocate. No siree, their secrets are theirs alone. Parents of Scorpio children worry they spend too much time in their room. Understand that these intense children need lots of down time to balance out school and activities. Don't worry if they are late to start talking either. But don't mistake quietness for weakness. They may not open their mouth unless they have something to say, but try and push them into doing something they don't like and you'll hear plenty. This is a fixed sign and they don't give in or give up easily. You can try cajoling, bribing and even threatening. Nothing works. It's a real dilemma for the Scorpio parent. You do not want to get into a contest of wills with this child. They fight to the death. The best trick is to try and get them to think it is their idea. Then they will move forward and not let anything get in their way. They want control you see. Being in control is their ultimate security. Your little one is deep, dark, mysterious and always fascinating.

Make sure you have your Sagittarius child strapped in good in their car seat. These children want to explore the world and they want to start right now. Everything and everyone is interesting to them. Show them pictures of far away places and tell them stories of different cultures and watch their eyes light up. Your child thrives on company so make sure he or she has plenty of playmates. The little Archer will shoot their arrows straight into your heart and you'll never be the same again. Here are some of the warmest and most bubbly children around. This is a fire sign and boys and girls alike have incredible energy. Keep them active with lots of sports. They love to participate and although they will be disappointed at losing a game their basic nature is so positive it won't get them down for long. Your little one never met a stranger, and teaching them restraint will be a full time job. Caution is not in their vocabulary. Neither is tack. Be careful what you say around them, because for sure they will repeat it out loud at the most embarrassing moment possible. They are guileless and will truly not understand why it's not okay to say or do certain things. Their motto is full steam ahead. If something is worth doing it's worth overdoing. They want birthdays to be extravaganzas. Parties are for having FUN. One way to temper some of that excess energy (besides sports) is to expose them to nature at an early age. Something in the wild outdoors speaks to their spirit. You may run yourself ragged trying to keep up with your little dynamo but their joy in life will fill your heart every time.

Somehow the Capricorn child seems much older than the other kids. No matter if they are the same age, the Capricorn child has a seriousness early on that most other signs lack. They take life seriously. The Goat will be the one worrying about good grades for college while still in the 4th grade. Either by choice or circumstance they have more responsibility at a young age than other children. He or she will be saving their allowance and lending it out to their siblings at a competitive rate before you know what's going on. Both sexes decide where they want to be in life and create a plan to get there. They are big on plans. The Goat knows how to organize things and get going. Because they love order and routine, it's a good idea to have some sort of schedule in place for them early on. Knowing dinner is at 6:00PM and bedtime at 8:00PM gives them a feeling of safety. Once they know their feet are on solid ground they can start to look up. And they will look high. These children are born leaders. They LOVE being in charge. If you're not careful they will end up taking over and running the household. Most Goats are born entrepreneurs and will certainly have a lemonade stand. Don't be shocked if they ask about taking it public and try to sell you stock for their IPO. The mental gears are always working, looking for the best way to maximize business opportunities. Even if they don't start their own business they will rise to the top of whatever profession they work in. This is not the child you'll have to nag about doing their homework or to try harder at school. They will be their own worst enemy and your job might be to help them ease up a little. Don't worry though, the great thing about Capricorn is that they get younger as they mature. As adults they get to experience a second childhood and that's the best one of all.

Your young Aquarius will have more friends than any other child in their class. These children never met a stranger and will find everyone equally fascinating from the postman who delivers the mail to the family next door. They will start asking questions early and Gemini is the only sign that will outlast them on the "Why is the sky blue" phase. They never really outgrow the question phase of childhood. In school your little one will be in the back row with their hand up questioning everything the teacher says. And when they reach their teens, for sure, they will be questioning everything you say. Aquarius is a natural born rebel. Just because dessert is usually eaten at the end of meal doesn't mean they can't start with it does it? Doing things in a unique and special way is their personal signature. Better decide what your policy is on tattoos, piercing and a shaved head now, because later on you may be facing these questions. They want to be different, to stand out in a crowd and express their own unique point of view. "I want to be free" are words to live by for the young Aquarius. They hate watches and getting them to do things on time will be a major test of your patience. School can be somewhat challenging and you may be called into the principals office to explain why your child is trying to unionize all the kids in 3rd grade and planning a strike. Their freedom is not just for them you see, but for the world. They become interested in the world beyond their backyard very early. Start to bone up on current events. Rules, schedules and doing things by the book are for other signs. The Water Bearer will blaze a new path and you will joyfully travel it together.

What can I say about a child so magical? All children seem to possess a certain amount of magic but your child outdoes them all. They have stars in their eyes from the moment they are born. Somehow this world seems just a little too harsh for the Neptune ruled child. People are constantly trying to protect them even if they're not sure why. Read to them about dragons, fairies and a time long, long ago. They adore fantasy and have an imagination that will astound you. Most Pisces have some kind of special artistic gift. Singing, dance or art classes will probably appeal to your little Pisces. Even if they do not have any special artistic gifts they will appreciate culture and music more than most children. All the water signs have a certain intuitiveness but the sign of the Fishes seems to be keyed in on a whole other level. They will know if someone is lying to them and they will know if you are upset or angry even if you tell them you're not. They act as emotional sponges, absorbing the feelings of those around them. The parents of a Pisces child need to stay on top of who their child's friends are, even more than most parents. This is the sign of the chameleon. They will adapt to whoever they are with. If they are hanging out with the super achievers then they will start hitting the books. But if they are hanging out with the dropouts you could have a real problem. Pisces rules addictions and escape. Helping them to find a way to deal with the harshness of this world will be a gift they use forever. Your child needs quiet time to dream his dreams in private but plenty of time with you to share them. He or she is on a very special journey and lucky you, they'll take you along for the ride as well.

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