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At last, it’s here. Pluto has finally made its slow way from fiery and passionate Sagittarius into solid and stable Capricorn. To be sure, it has been a torturous journey. This is the slowest moving planet out there and is the only planet that takes 248 years to move through all the signs. Each time Pluto enters a new sign astrologers take note. It’s like an elephant finally moving into view. You may feel the earth tremble as it gets closer and closer but having it right up in your face is a whole new ballgame. Pluto not only entered a new sign last month but will stay there until 2023. That’s a looong time for its influence to be felt. And how will it be felt? That’s the question. What most people want to know is – what does this mean for me?

We have two different influences going on here. First, because Pluto will spend 14 years in the sign of Capricorn, every child born between now and 2023 will have Pluto in Capricorn in their natal chart. So Pluto carries a generational effect. To understand the different generations of Pluto read ‘Pluto in the Signs’ on this website. Then we have Pluto’s influence in general terms. What will it be doing in terms of our lives? How will these changes play out in our country and the world? Part of the answer is, we just don’t know. Because the last time Pluto was in Capricorn was in the 1770’s we have never experienced this transit in our lifetime. The best we can do is offer some educated guesswork.

Pluto is lord of the underworld. A deep, dark, mysterious planet that has fascinated astrologers since it was discovered in 1930. Nothing about Pluto is superficial. In order to understand the nature of Pluto we have to be willing to make the journey into the underworld. Here is the planet that deals with life, death and transformation. When Plutonic energies touch some area of our lives we go down into the depths and reach our deepest truths. It’s not always a pleasant journey. Because we are dealing with the depths and the heights, Pluto is known as a planet of extremes. Pluto loves you or hates but is never wishy-washy about it. The ruthless aspect of this planet can bring about enormous changes that transform the very way we live. But the cost can sometimes be more than we bargained for. Here is where we come face to face with our shadow selves. That shadow comes to light on a personal level as well as a national level and international level. It demands we grow. Our old life comes crashing down, and in the ashes, a phoenix, rises up to new heights.

For the next 14 years this dramatic powerhouse visits the sign of Capricorn. The sign of the Goat is all about structure. Capricorn actually likes the rules. Heck, Capricorn probably created the rules. They love authority. Leadership is natural for them. Put all twelve signs in a room together and Capricorn will probably be the first one barking out orders and organizing a plan. It’s no surprise that this is the sign that rules Government and Big Business. Saturn is the natural ruler of Capricorn and they can be accused of being cold and insensitive. And yes, Saturn can exhibit both of these qualities. But remember, sometimes we need the person who will make the hard decision. Needless to say, with Capricorn wanting to hold onto structure and Pluto determined to transform from the ground up, we have here, as the saying goes, ‘A Failure to Communicate’.

We have already seen some of its effects, with the recent banking failure and government bailout. Look for our financial future to be radically different from our past. When our country experienced the Great Depression our government changed many of the rules and regulations governing our financial systems. Now we will see new changes. Thousands are dealing with the economic fall-out. That’s Capricorn hitting you in the face, with real, tangible consequences and results. There is no hiding. We, as a country and as individuals, are learning about restriction and denial. If we can’t afford it, it’s not going on a credit card, instead, we’re staying home. That’s on the individual level. Our government has to learn the same lesson. If we can’t pay for it, we can’t do it. In the next few years we will be dealing with the reality of an all time high in our national debt and making hard choices about what our country can afford.

When we combine the power of Pluto and the authority of Capricorn it’s possible we will see our government become even more authoritive. Americans will be asking themselves how much government intrusion is too much? Are we willing to trade civil liberties for safety? And does that trade ever work? Are we willing to hand over our rights to our governing body in order to have a job and a home? These questions and more are the ones we will be facing as Pluto moves into Capricorn. Responsibility vs Power. Who has which? The public will be making hard choices in leadership, honor and status. Capricorn doesn’t want promises. It wants real rewards. Rewards it can see, taste, touch and feel. Our new president will be held to an extremely high standard of effectiveness. Forget rhetoric and high sounding promises, it’s going to be about what have you actually accomplished? In terms of education, we will see a return to traditional methods. Instead of political correctness we will be looking at clear numbers and solid results. Businesses will drastically cut back and return to quality instead of quantity. Old time values will return in almost all areas of life. As Capricorn rules aging, issues of how we age and what help our government will give to those reaching pension age will be high on any agenda. Look for Social Security to undergo a massive transformation, even if it is phased in gradually. And yes, taxes will go up for the majority of us as well as interest rates. The rich will get richer and the middle class will shrink as Pluto pulls us to one end or the other. The Federal Reserve Board, like Social Security, faces it’s own transformation. A new FRB leader will almost certainly be at the helm. Could we have a complete change in how we value the dollar? All this economic revolution doesn’t have to be negative. Americans can gain more control over their spending than ever before. And when we are in control of our spending we have power. We will learn to mange our finances or pay the price. Yes, Pluto can destroy. But it destroys only that which has outlived its usefulness. We have new ideas coming in. The lines between right and wrong aren’t so blurry anymore and people, tired of being lied to, will demand truth from government and truth from themselves. And that’s a journey worth taking.

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