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Once a year Jupiter makes a transit from one sign into another. Right now Jupiter is getting ready to make this shift from Gemini, where is has been since 2012, into the sign of the Crab. The question on everyone's mind is - what does this mean for me?

Well let's start to look at what Cancer means in general. This is the sign of home and family. Cancer loves to snuggle up, stay home and be comfortable. Never mind going out clubbing, leave that to Leo. Cancer would rather go out to a quiet restaurant or even better invite you over for a meal. Cancer rules food and when Jupiter moves here watch out. The American waistline, already out of control is fixing to increase even more. There is an abundance to Jupiter that equates the idea of more with better. So look for food prices to skyrocket and waistlines to increase. Companies like Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig should do well as more and more people take a look at their weight and do not like what they see. But look for more new restaurants opening and people eating out even more than they do now. Bars should do well as drinking and eating go together.

Cancer is a sign of fertility and Jupiter expansion. You do the math. I would look for the population to increase. The birth rate could rise and we could see an increase in teen pregnancy. But Cancer is all about children so I would think that we will see more and more programs targeting at risk children. Or we could see new educational programs for kids of all ages. It is the year of the child. Mothers will become even more fiercely protective. Chances are between June of 2013 and July of 2014, when Jupiter leaves Cancer, you will know someone who is pregnant or has adopted a child. We will see more overseas adoptions and more same-sex couples adopting. And let us not forget the home. Real estate should do well, with the average price of a home showing a nice increase. If you have been waiting to put the house on the market, now is the time. Jupiter will stay in forward motion until November 6th, after that it turns retrograde and sales may slow down a little. Jupiter will not turn direct again until March of 2014.

People with their Sun in a cardinal sign (Aries, Cancer, Libra & Capricorn) will see their lives get bigger in some way. Promotions at work are certainly possible. But if you own your own business or are self-employed then this can be a great year to get know and get your name out there. Because of the push of Jupiter I think we will see people in general and cardinal signs in particular, try new things. Jupiter likes a bit of adventure. The Sun sign Cancer will notice this energy the most dramatically in their lives. New opportunities will come knocking but it's up to you if you say Yes or No. That's one of things I like the most about Jupiter. It doesn't force the issue. You get to decide.

I know most of this sounds pretty good right? And most of it is good, but you need to be aware of another energy associated with Jupiter. It is big and bold and will bring a push of energy. Sometimes if a situation has been limping along for some time, this rush of bold energy comes in and things come to a head. I have seen couples who were not happy decide to get a divorce with Jupiter entered the picture. But I have also seen couples who were just kind of living together suddenly decide to get married. Jupiter can bring in some big packages. It's up to us to open them up and see what's there.

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