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October is national Bosses Day and I thought in honor of all bosses everywhere I would write about each sign's style of leadership. I hope you enjoy. Let me know if I have captured your boss!

Most of you are not working for an Aries boss because Aries doesn't like working for anyone else. These are some of the best entrepreneurs in the zodiac. They don't like taking orders - period. They do much better on the giving end. If you work for an Aries they will drive you crazy changing their orders from one day to the next. Aries is not always good at follow up so you may be slaving away at some report they have completely forgotten about! They will have no trouble telling you what they think and may be pretty blunt about it. But they will be genuinely surprised at any hurt feelings. They will forget about it the next day and will always forgive and forget.

Taurus is often found in positions of authority. They are willing to work hard for what they want. Taurus is very comfortable in their routine. They like their coffee a certain way and are going to be vaguely irritated if you put their mail in a new place on their desk. Almost all the Bulls display a sense of calm in the mist of chaos. They hardly seem to be moving but manage to get more accomplished than three other people together. If you are in a job that gets a fair share of crisis you definitely want a Taurus in charge.

Having your Gemini boss around may hinder your ability to work. Why? They love to talk. They love words. And the better you can express your ideas the more they will like you. Quick as a wink they go from one subject to the next and if can't keep up woe to you. They are thinking about at least two subjects and can give you orders on several different projects at once. Being scattered is something they fight all the time. Don't expect them to stay in their office all day. These lively people are going to be out and about.

Cancer is a sign of leadership. Most people underestimate the Crab but there are plenty of them in major management positions. Cancer is the sign of home and family. So if you work for a Cancer one of two things will happen. They either start to see you as family too or you end up hearing about their family at work. Sometimes both. It doesn't matter if your boss is a man or a woman they hate being away from their children. Be sure to praise their kids. They are leaders who will make the whole department feel like family.

Working for a Leo boss can be great fun. They have a certain spark that seems to light up any workplace. Any work they put forward is not only going to be right, it's going to be the best. After the President of the company has praised their work, they're going to be sure to praise you too. They always give credit where it's due. If you have to give them bad news, sandwich it between two positive statements. They don't take well to nay Sayers. If they have a plan it's a good idea get on board and be the biggest cheerleader in the office.

A lot of people don't like working for Virgo's. They have a reputation of being just a little critical. They not only notice everything, they have no problem sharing their insights with you, All this 'helping' can be kind of discouraging if your Virgo boss forgets to balance out their comments with praise and encouragement. But always remember your boss has a kind heart and sweet spirit. Most are usually big animal lovers as well. Likewise health issues are right up their alley. They buckle down and manage more work in a single day than the rest of the office put together.

Don't be fooled by your Libra bosses pretty face. Beautiful they might be, but underneath that gorgeous bone structure is a quick mind and sharp intellect. If bad news needs to be delivered Libra might do it so gently that it takes you awhile to realize you've just been fired. If the atmosphere in the office is tense or people are not getting along Libra cannot function. They hate disharmony of any kind. On the other hand they might be willing to shell out big bucks to redo your office once you explain you can't concentrate with that ugly wallpaper.

If you are working for a Scorpio boss you already know all about how hard they work. This man or woman has a goal and will let nothing stand in their way of achieving it. Single-minded describes them well. Their eyes stay on the prize and if you want them to notice you, that is where your eyes will be as well. They seem to know you were late for work yesterday just by looking at you. Don't' try and fool them - ever. They respect the truth. But if you are working hard you have the best boss in the world.

The man or woman working for a Sagittarius boss doesn't have time to read this article. In fact they pretty much don't have time for anything. Sitting around a boring office all day drives them up the wall. That's one of the reasons they make such good salespeople. The minute they meet you they connect with you. There is a kind of spark around this sign that just makes them fun to hang out with. You'll learn fast that details are not their forte. That's where you come in. Take care of the details and they will love you forever.

Capricorns get a bad reputation as far as bosses go. They hold themselves to a high standard and expect the same of you. No matter how early you get to work your Capricorn boss will already be there. And after everyone leaves for the day, they'll still be there. If you are the type to come in late and leave early believe me this boss notices. When these people recognize your work you will walk around with your head held high. A compliment from these people MEANS something. If you are in trouble they will surprise you with practical help and support when you need it most.

There are more Aquarian employees than Aquarian bosses. The sign of the Water Bearer considers everyone equal and no one should get to boss anyone else around. Aquarians like to be free. But if you do work for an Aquarian then you lucked out. They will be scrupulous in all their dealings and will rise up to defend you if someone treats you unfairly. If you have a complaint it will be listened to and acted upon. Fairness and justice are key words for this sign. They believe in teamwork and if you want to get noticed you'll be the best team player around.

Pisces is the visionary of the zodiac. So what if you work for one? Pisces tend to struggle with day- to- day particulars. Firm commitments and rigid deadlines are not where they excel. Art, music, books all speak to their heart. They carry the beauty of life around inside them. Believe me, they feel your pain. Emotional sensitivity is the guiding force in their lives and they make excellent healers as a result. Don't be surprised if you find yourself trying to protect your boss from the harsh realities of life.

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