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England breathed a huge sigh of relief as Prince George was delivered safely into the world on July 22nd at 4:46pm. Now that the latest addition to the royal family is here, let's take a look at what the astrology chart of this little prince shows.

First of all Prince George is a Cancer just like his father Prince William and his grandmother Princess Diana. His mother, Kate Middleton, has her Moon in Cancer as well, so the sign of the Crab is well represented in this little family. Not only is Prince William a Cancer Sun sign, but his Moon is in Cancer as well. When one person's Sun is placed next to someone else's Moon it is one of the strongest aspects between two people possible. I often see this configuration when there is a special and deep bond between parent and child. Prince George has this contact twice, one with his mother and another with his father. There is no question but little Prince George will have a loving and close connection with both his parents. Cancer is the sign of home and family. This can also be the sign of one's homeland, or showing a deep connection to one's country, certainly a huge plus for one who will one day be King. Cancer's love history and often make a career out of some study of history. Prince William remember, majored in art history. This little prince will love being told bedtime tales of past Kings and Queens and how they made their mark on England. His lively imagination will fill in the details and he may even make up his own stories about past monarchs. He will be a great storyteller and may write books or articles in the future.

Cancers can appear shy. Remember 'shy Di'? But in reality they are natural born leaders. Not only is his Sun in Cancer but Jupiter, Mercury and Mars are all in Cancer as well. This is a soul who feels things deeply and is very, very sensitive. Private doesn't begin to describe it. His personal nightmare will be the constant scrutiny into his personal life. Jupiter in this placement can sometimes show growing up in a large family. It will be interesting to see how many siblings this small prince ends up having. And of course there are all those aunts, uncles, cousins ,grandparents and extended family members. I love the fact that this is usually a positive placement, showing a happy childhood. Both his parents will be fiercely protective of him and rightly so. The bonds in this family are incredibly deep and enduring. No one will understand him as well as his parents. The three of them seem to carve out a private family life in the midst of a gold-fish bowl existence.

He is blessed with a Grand Trine in water. This is a beautiful astrological aspect indicating not only a deep feeling nature but a sense of intuition and a natural flow with life. Sometimes Grand Water Trines can be a bit lazy. They end up waiting for a right time that doesn't always come. But his psychic senses will be strong and I think his parents will learn to listen it to from an early age. George will be able to read people very quickly and know when someone is being deceptive. He is going to keep his deepest thoughts and feelings hidden, but lucky for him he will have parents who will be able to understand his sensitive nature and support and encourage him.

I'm not as sure about his Mars in Cancer. Mars is feisty and sometimes angry. He is going to resent the restrictions his role places upon his freedom. With much of this Cancer energy in a conflict with unexpected Uranus he will want to make waves and be different. There can be a lot of teenage rebellion against the demands of royal life. And he can be a bit out of control and maybe even a little accident prone. This is an impatient energy and one of his life challenges will be learning to control it so it doesn't control him. I see comparisons with his grandmother Diana on the horizon.

He has many of his planets concentrated in the two money houses. Yes this does show the incredible wealth he is born into but I'm thinking it may be more than that. He may actually end up with some kind of financial role in the government. Or he can end up giving back some of the wealth of the monarchy to the government of England. He is very gifted in financial areas. Some people "speak money" and Prince George is one of them.

He is a royal that will relate to the masses as this is an extremely charismatic chart. Some people have it and some don't. Prince George has it. But interestingly it is not a particularly royal chart. I'm not sure if George inherits the throne or even if by the time he grows up there is a throne to inherit. It will be interesting to watch this little royal's life unfold. Only time will show us how he handles the energies of his chart.

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