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It's July and the time of year we celebrate the birth of our nation. The United States, just like anything else that has a birth, has a natal chart. There are multiple charts for the birth of the US. After all were we really created on July 4th? Maybe we came into being under The Articles of Confederation. Maybe it was at the first meeting for independence. Because of so many different ways of looking at our beginnings there are multiple charts for our birth. I use the Sibly chart which puts our nation's birth at July 4th 1776 at 5:10pm in Philadelphia Pa.

Looking at this chart our nation's Sun is in Cancer, our Moon is in Aquarius and our Rising Sign or Ascendant is Sagittarius. With a Cancer Sun there is no way that food is not going to be an issue for our country. And you have only to look at our national obsession with losing weight to see it play out. America is known as the breadbasket of the world, able to feed not only ourselves but have enough to help feed many other nations in need as well. Cancer rules motherhood and in our country motherhood is revered. We are all supposed to want to become a mother to some extent and the issue of pro-choice vs pro-life will continue to be debated and fought for many years to come as this issue touches something deep within the psyches of our Cancer ruled citizens. Children in the US are not only celebrated but sometimes are given all the power in the family as well. Who hasn't seen a child completely out of control while their parent stands silently by watching their behavior and doing nothing? Cancer is the sign that is all about home, family and nurturing. As a nation we want to nurture the rest of the world, but we want to do it on our terms. Remember, Cancer is a cardinal sign and all the cardinal signs are about some aspect of leadership. The United States has been a world leader for many decades. The rest of the world copies our dress, food and entertainment. No matter the difficulties or challenges we face, that cardinal energy is always going to keep us striving toward a leadership role. We are simply not meant to be a wallflower.

We also have a Moon in Aquarius. The sign of The Water Bearer rules technology and forward thinking. This is a sign that embodies the future. Our country was born with ideals of freedom and liberty that very much showcase Aquarian energies. It is no accident that we have had more presidents with their Sun in Aquarius than any other sign. This is a perfect fit. When one person's Moon is in the same sign as someone else's Sun it is almost like you can hear the click, they just come together and understand each other without words. I see this often in the charts of parents and children. When two people come to me for a couple's reading and say they know they are mean to be together I'm not surprised when I see their Sun and Moon conjunct. We as a people, like being unique. And our ideals about everyone being equal are part of the bedrock of our nation. Granted this does not always work out in real life but it is incorporated into our Declaration of Independence and a part of our national heritage and way of thinking.

Lastly, we have Sagittarius rising. Our rising sign is our invitation to the public. When people meet an individual they meet their rising sign first. Then they get to know them better and see all the other planets come out to play. How does the world see America? Maybe a little loud and boisterous. Friendly. Maybe too friendly. Americans are not known for their tact and delicacy of feeling. There is a sense of throwing ourselves whole-hog into whatever we are doing. We have big dreams and sometimes big screw-ups. But there is also a welcoming energy at play, something that has led us to be a land of immigrants welcoming those from other countries who want a better life. It is no accident that Sagittarius rules foreign matters. But Sag is also innocent and maybe even naive. Sagittarius always believes they are right and self-righteousness is the trap that The Archer always has to watch out for. We forget that maybe everyone doesn't like doing things our way. Sagittarius is a sign of excess. We have a big country, big cars, big homes and sometimes big debt. We don't do things by half-measure. When we succeed at something the world changes for the better and when we stumble, we often have a huge mess to clean up. All part of the Sagittarius influence.

We are a country of contradictions and challenges. Sagittarius gives us an open and welcoming heart and our Cancer security needs can keep us afraid there won't be enough for everyone. Our Aquarius Moon reaches for the future but our Cancer Sun yearns for a simpler time. Our nation's chart also shows us our country's future. We have some big transits coming up that impact our nation and our people. My next article will look at what is coming up for America in the months ahead. Stay tuned for Part II. As Pluto moves through the 2nd house of the US and opposes our natal Sun, major changes is a-coming.

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