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Ah Venus, planet of love, we all want to know what Venus is doing and how can this lovely planet help us find love. More than any other question I get asked as an astrologer is the question about one's love life. Our relationships are primal to who we are and the level of happiness in our lives. This planet also speaks to self-esteem. Do we think we deserve love? And let's not even start on the many ways we punish ourselves in love. Venus speaks to all of our desires and we need to understand what Venus is doing in our charts if we want to fulfill those desires.

This year Venus is having a bit of fun and staying in one sign for several months. Usually Venus is pretty quick moving and stays in one sign about three weeks to eight weeks and then moves on. But not now! Venus moved into Aries on February 3rd and will stay here until June 5th. Yes, there will be a brief dip back into Pisces from April 2nd to April 27th but that is still a long time for this beautiful planet to stay in one sign. So the question becomes what does this extra- long visit mean for me? Well I've taken a look at all 12 signs and wanted to give everyone a chance to make this transit work for them. Find your sign below and see what your love planet will be doing for the next few months.

Here the sign of the Ram has sweet and loving Venus in your own special sign for at least four months. Aries, (and I say this with love) can sometimes be a little too forceful for its own good (you know I'm right). But with Venus here I think it helps you turn on the charm and have people eating out of your hand. Aries is usually pretty bright and energetic but now the wattage is turned way up. You smile that beguiling Aries smile and manage to have it all your own way. But be warned, Venus is not too happy in Aries. Venus wants everyone to love each other and Aries wants everyone to love them. You are going to be asked to take a look at all your relationships, not just the romantic ones. Venus here is very impulsive and Aries can make some mistakes in love if you are not careful. Your social life is super busy and you may be dating more than one person. It is a great time to play the field but if you are in a committed relationship then you need to find some ways to be spontaneous with the one you love. If you are single then lucky you, male or female you have everyone batting their eyes at you. The Ram is in demand.

Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus and so whatever Venus is doing the Bull usually reacts to. Venus in Aries is going to fall in your 12th house. Now this is the house of self-sabotage. With Venus here we want to satisfy our desires even if those desires are not always good for us. This is where you can get involved with the bad boy even though you know he's not good for you. If you are in any kind of recovery program then be very, very careful. Venus can whisper in your ear "it's okay just this once" and off you go. Venus wants what it wants and so you have to step up and be the adult and just say NO to anything bad for you. But least you think that this placement is not any fun - not so. Here you have a beautiful balance of physical love and spiritual love. Venus arouses all the deep yearning of the soul. Sometimes they show up in art and music but they can just as often show up in terms of someone special that seems to speak the language of your soul. But don't lend them money. Twelfth house energy is loving and kind but sometimes unclear. It is easy to get deceived with this combo. Keep those Taurus feet on the ground if your head is going to be in the clouds. Create beauty and love and keep your money in your pocket.

For Gemini this Venus transit is going to fall in your 11th house. What a nice bonus. Venus here is all about friendship. You can find yourself looking at a friend in a whole new way. Suddenly sparks are flying and before you know it you are in a romantic relationship with your best friend. You can also meet someone through a friend. So if you are single and looking do not be shy about letting friends know and going out on a blind date. Gemini usually has a pretty busy social life but it goes into hyper-drive between now and June with Venus bringing in all kinds of new people for you to meet and play with. This house is pretty Avant-guard so your taste in whom you are attracted to can change in the blink of an eye. You fall for someone so totally different you cannot believe it yourself. But there you go. This house is pretty open to trying new things and you may be ready to look at love in a new way. The eleventh house is all about social justice so who knows, you may meet someone on a march for justice! Venus often brings blessings wherever she goes and this house is very tech oriented. There can be some new computer equipment coming your way.

Lucky Cancer has Venus in Aries at the very top of their chart, in their house of career. With Venus here there can be some sort of reward or recognition coming to you. If you have been working hard then now that hard work is noticed and your boss lets you know in tangible terms how much they appreciate you. If you need money to start your own business, Venus here has the bank officer handing you a check. These next few months can see you make big gains in your professional life. Ask for whatever it is you need, heck ask for what you want as well. And just because this is the house of work does not mean that you will miss out on the love quotient of Venus. You can meet someone at the office who stirs those romantic juices. But this is not a fun and games house. Venus here wants what is real and lasting. So it is not just wanting love but wanting a solid relationship. You may be attracted to someone because they are a good provider as much for how they look. There is a desire for prestige and status with Venus here. You want to be looked at as an authority on something. To be looked at as a success in some area of your life can become important to you now. And all your business partnerships can flourish in the next few months as much or more than your romantic ones. If you are married or seriously involved then you might be ambitious on the part of your spouse, wanting them to see the results of their hard work. You can find some way to blend love and work and make them both happy. You job is to allow Venus to bring all her gifts and stand up and take your bow. Allow all the good to come to you.

Leo is going to have Venus in their ninth house for the next several months. This house rules all things international. If sweet Leo is going on vacation anytime soon then look for some vacation romance to turn up. This can be a light flirtation with a beautiful stranger or it can be a romance that turns into something more permanent. There is a foreign element to this Venus so keep your eyes open. This house is all about the higher mind and you will find yourself wanting to learn new things and study something that absolutely fascinates you. For Leo you have the next several months to meet someone at college or an evening enrichment class. If you are involved in education in any way professionally then your love life can turn up the heat at work. This is an area of the chart that is full of adventure. Leo can have a romantic adventure you remember for the rest of your life. I love it! This is one of those impulsive houses so you can jump in first and then take a look around. You are able to charm just about everyone and everyone wants to be your dance partner. Your biggest problem will be deciding which one you want. A nice problem to have. This is the area of your chart that deals with advertising, marketing and sales. You can meet someone new and exciting in any of these areas. Venus here wants to have a good time and long-term planning may not be high on your list right now. That's fine as long as both of you are on the same page. There can be misunderstandings if you take things for granted. Venus here just wants to have fun.

If you are a Virgo then Venus in Aries is going to be in your eighth house of money received for the next several months. Venus brings her blessings wherever she goes and she visiting your money area. Nice going. There should be multiple opportunities for additional income to show up in your life. This can be a second job, paying off the car, getting a raise, etc. The possibilities are endless. Allow prosperity to flow to you and just say thank-you. The eighth house is an area of our deepest selves. Here is where we go within and dig deep. With Venus spending so much time in this house it is a great time to meet someone who really knows who they are. You will be turned off by shallow or superficial right now. This is also a very sexual area of the chart so look for your libido to increase! Thankfully Virgo is not the impulsive one night stand type of sign so if you are married or seriously involved then this can be a very pleasant time indeed. Here you find your deepest desires for a transformative relationship. The eighth house has a strong Scorpio energy and so you can be extremely intense about love, sex and money. All hot button issues. Life can get very serious, very fast. Venus loves having nice things and so you can find yourself spending money like a drunken sailor. Very unVirgo like. Find something you have been saving for and focus on that. It might save you money in the long-run. Yes, Venus will be here until June but you don't want to be in debt in July. But whatever it is you want the money will just be there for you.

There is nothing Libra loves more than being in love and with Venus in Aries and in your house of love you are one happy camper. Single Libras can meet someone special, those seeing someone get engaged, and those engaged get married. This can take all kinds of relationships to the next level. Let's be honest, Libras love to flirt and can be a bit of a player now and then, so you are in hog heaven with this energy. Your social calendar is beyond full with dinners, vacations and parties for the next several months. Make sure you are taking a breather now and again. This Venus transit is going to push you to spend money. Libra enjoys nice things on a regular day, this planet being here for so long can be great fun but great expense as well. You are the only one who knows your financial situation and if you cannot afford to spend extra money right now then you are going to have to exercise some enormous restraint and "just say no". But it's not going to be easy. You want everything you see and this can mean new clothes, new furniture, spa days, beautiful jewelry, etc. The things that are the most fun seen to be the most expensive. But if you do not have to watch those pennies then boy what fun this can be for sweet Libra! You and your honey go on a second honeymoon or find a new level of affection, romance and love. Venus here is very artistic and so you may take up dance or painting or anything that has you appreciating the beauty of life. Go to an art exhibition or a museum. You want to surround yourself with beauty and Venus will help you do just that.

Scorpio has this Venus transit falling in your sixth house of health and service. Now on the surface this may not sound too exciting. But this is Scorpio we are talking about. They are not the ones to waste an exciting Venus aspect. Because Venus will be in your area of work it is going to ramp up your opportunities to meet someone at the office. Any type of work is going to bring you into proximity to attractive people who have you taking a second look. Scorpio is famous for their quiet power. You are not one to rush in and sometimes this can lead to relationships that do not happen because you were waiting to see if you should make a move. Well this Venus is sort of impulsive so you might surprise yourself and ask someone out or make the first move on sheer impulse. It is looking at relationships in a very practical way. Instead of going for intense passion and forgetting everything else, now you are looking at all aspects of how two people relate to one another. You are analyzing what it is you want and making a plan to get it. And when you are not busy romancing the new person at work you are busy taking a bow for a job well done. Venus here will really help you with your boss as well as your co-workers. If there are any disagreements or conflict, now is the time to bring a team together. So your work life should do very well from now until June. And let us not forget health. Venus usually offers some help so there can be good news from the doctor or the tests look good, something like that. Venus loves sweets so be sure to watch the blood sugar. But in general you're fine.

Lucy Sag has this Venus transit showing up in your fifth house of pleasure. The planet of pleasure is visiting your house of pleasure for about five months. What's not to like? Venus here wants to date and play and just have a good time. If you are single and looking then boy, do you luck out. Venus will confer a certain charm upon you that has everyone looking at you as someone they want to know. You can take your pick of dates. If you are married then the energy will help you and your spouse find some time for romance and adventure. Sag loves people and with Venus here people love you right back. There will be multiple opportunities for you to meet new people and make a great first impression. Everyone wants to be on your dance card. This is a very creative house of the chart and children are considered to be our greatest creation. The next several months will give you a lovely glow around children. They may make the dean's list or get into a good school. Honors and rewards come their way and you get to be a proud parent. Even if you have not been communicating all that well lately Venus is going to help change that and you are able to find common ground that bring you closer together. If you child needs something, like a certain appointment with a doctor or a person who does some special therapy then you should find what you need opening up for you and what parent doesn't like that? But don't forget yourself in all this because the fifth house wants to enjoy life and enjoy people. You are ready to entertain on a grand scale and when doors open for you - you go through.

CAPRICORN If you are a Capricorn then you have Venus in your area of home and family until June of this year. What a lovely placement. Venus usually brings a sense of peace and harmony and who doesn't want more peace and harmony in the home? If there have been any problems or difficulties with family members then Venus will help pour oil on the troubled waters. It's time to forgive and forget. Reach out to anyone you are on the outs with and chances are you will be able to heal the situation. This house is one of real estate and so sweet Capricorn has this beautiful real estate energy for the next few months. If you are thinking of buying or selling property then you are in luck. Venus will help you find the perfect property and at a good price. And if you are selling then someone walks in who loves your home and offers full asking in cash. Even investment real estate is golden right now. This can mean buying a house to flip for profit or maybe you buy a second vacation home and get a great price and it increase in value. The possibilities are wide ranging. This even applies to your own home. Now is the time to redecorate and/or remodel. You want your home to be gracious and beautiful and you are willing to spend whatever money is needed to get there. The good news is that by June you have the home you envisioned and yes, it is beautiful. You love for your family comes out now and you are able to say what is in your heart (this is not always easy for Capricorn). And don't miss out on family events, it's possible that you meet someone romantically at one of these events.

Sweet Aquarius has this Venus in Aries in your house of communication from now until June of this year. In April Venus will briefly dip back into Pisces and give you a nice financial boost but February, March, May and June it is all about what you say and how you say it. During this time you are able to share your ideas in ways that do not threaten other people but instead get them on your side. People are ready to give you the benefit of the doubt and try it your way. If you have had any problems with siblings or extended family then this Venus transit helps you find a way to reach out and make peace. This is a house of mental activities and you can fall in love with a certain subject and want to delve deep into it. There is a bit of the social butterfly here, with lots of coming and going and seeing people. One of the areas this house covers is that of automobiles and you can suddenly decide you need a new car. Or you go with a friend to buy something and you are the one who cannot live without that new car smell and the car that comes with it. If you are involved in teaching or education in any way then you get a nice bonus with Venus here. Students love you, your classes are full and you are looked at with respect in your field. This combination is more about playing the field than settling down with one person. Venus here can be a bit fickle, but what fun you have experiencing how Venus plays out. Be careful with your words. In an effort to not hurt anyone you can get caught in a little fib and cause more harm than if you blurted out the truth to begin with. Be honest.

Venus will sit in your house of income earned from now until June. In April there is a small dip back into your own sign and then it is once again in Aries. In April you can get involved with some kind of artistic endeavor and your social life is full to the brim. You will have to decide who to say yes to and who will just have to wait their turn. Nice to be popular. But the months before and after will see Venus in your area of money, finance and material wealth. This is the house of our value system. What do we believe in and how do we express that in our personal life? Venus here really helps your self-esteem. If you have been struggling to feel good about yourself, then take heart because Venus has you deciding you are not so bad after all. It can bring in some nice benefits - like more money for one. With Venus here extra dollars just seem to find their way into your pocket. Your job is to say yes to all that comes your way. Pisces too often accidently plays the martyr and you can make life harder than it needs to be. But now just say thank-you and allow the universe to provide for you. This is a very sensual placement of Venus and you can get interested in the body in some way. Maybe you take up massage but just as likely you find new areas of pleasure in the physical. You find yourself in the right place at the right time to have good things happen in your life.

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