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Many people mix up Guides and Angels. It's okay if you talk about them as the same but know that their function is different. We are born with a Spirit Guide that is with us from our first breath in this life to the last one we take. Sometimes we have additional Guides that work with us for a specific purpose. For instance I have Guides that are with me during a reading and not at any other time. Then there are Angels we come in with. If our Guides are all about helping us fulfill our soul's mission, then what do Angels do? Angels are task oriented. They lift up by being in service to us. If you want to understand humans and Angels read the story of the prodigal son in the Bible. One son (human) goes out into the world and royally mucks up everything. The other son (Angel) stays back, still in the presence of The Divine. Angels have never lived a human life. They don't know what it is like to be hungry or scared, tired or just in a bad mood. Guides do because they have lived human lives.

There is literally no task too small in my life to not ask my Angels for help with. We are not bothering them or annoying them. Angels are not allowed to rush in and fix it for us. We have to ask for help and invite them in. THEN they can move forward. There are all different kinds of Angels and we can ask for help about anything and everything as long as it doesn't hurt someone else. We cannot for instance ask an Angel to smite our ex or get our teacher sick so we don't have to take a test. But in all areas of making our life easier your Angels can help.

So Guides and Angels have different functions but both work together to help us have the best life possible. Below I've included some tips on how to contact your Spirit Guide.

1 - Meditate
I know you are all sick of hearing me talk about this. But doing a meditation where you address your Spirit Guide going into the meditation and let them know the purpose is to establish contact. You may get something during the meditation but more likely you will get a name or some kind of contact in the days and weeks ahead.

2 - Pendulum
I don't use a pendulum but many people do and if you are comfortable with it you can use one to make contact with your Guide.

3 - Write
Every day you can write a page or two. You can make this a letter to your Guide or you can just write about your day. You will find that you start to tune-in to higher energies and you are able to make contact.

4 - Repetitive
Action Do some kind of mindless activity. You can wash dishes or vacuum. Maybe working in the yard. Do something physical and then let your mind wander. You may find yourself in conversation before you know it.

5 - Dreams
Before going to sleep ask your Guide to communicate with you during sleep or during a dream. Be sure to ask to remember the dream. Many times you will get a name or a message.

6 - Soul Writing
This is writing after going into a meditative stare. On coming out of meditation you may still be a bit foggy and then you start writing. It is amazing what can come thru.

7 - Ask your Guide for a symbol
When first trying to establish contact ask your Guide for some kind of symbol that will let you know it is him/her. You might start to smell roses or keep hearing one name over and over or keep seeing a certain flower or picture or keep hearing a certain song.

8 - Readings
Sometimes during a reading I will see or hear from my client's Spirit Guide. I cannot do that to order but it has happened many times. Other readers can often do the same thing. If booking a reading ask the reader beforehand if this is a reasonable request as not every reader can do this but many do and it is something to think about.

9 - Talk, Talk, Talk
Every day when you start your day ask your Guides to be with you during the day, helping to make the day the best possible. Before big meetings or events invite in your Guides to help it go well and help you to understand all that you need to. Ask your Guides for advice on the best way to handle a situation or which choice to make. They are here to help us so give them an opportunity every day to know that we are receptive.

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