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Lucky Aries will experience this transit of Jupiter through their very own sign from May 11th to October 28th. I say lucky because Aries has been struggling with Aries in Pisces for these past several months. As a fire sign all this Pisces energy has been a bit challenging for The Ram. They have been tired and discouraged and not their usual energetic self. All that is about to change. Now you have this big, bold planet coming in close to your Sun. Jupiter will not move past 8? this year. That means that people born between the 20th of March and the 31st of March will experience this most strongly. But all the Rams will get a chance to wake up and feel this new vibe in the air. Much of what happens this year is a prelude to how it will play out next year. In the meantime you have more physical energy and suddenly start to feel like you want to do things again instead of sitting on the couch watching Netflix. It is time to put yourself out there. Try new things, go on vacation, apply for a new job. This is a public energy so you can have your public profile become bigger in some way. Your confidence skyrockets and you not have more energy but the confidence to go along with it. Like I said - Lucky Aries.

Taurus may need a little TLC with the passage of Jupiter through Aries as this is going to occur in the 12th house of their chart. This is a lovely house and one I get much joy from but that does not mean it is always easy. That is because this is not only an emotional house but one that deals with psychology and our spiritual life. When planets enter here, they go underground. The energy expresses inwardly and that means that the Bull may not have access to the physical energy and endurance that they are used to. Do not be surprised if you are more tired than usual. Perfectly normal. Make sure you rest and listen to your body. You cannot push yourself the way you usually do. But there are some wonderful compensations. This is probably the most intuitive house of the zodiac and that means that you intuitive and healing skills will skyrocket. Not too shabby huh? We seek answers within and see our dream life provide answers. Our Guides and Angels become more active and we seek answers to life's mysteries. Once this transit has passed in October of this year, you will look at all you have discovered about yourself and be amazed.

Sweet Gemini will be right at home with this change of Jupiter moving into Aries. That is because this planet will now be in your 11th house. This is an air house, just like you and your mind will move even faster (if that is possible). Lots of new ideas coming up and you are looking at your future with all kinds of new ideas and goals in mind. A very exciting time. This area of the chart is also all about groups and friends. Chances are you will be more active socially and will be eager to see old friends and spend time with new friends. I would look for your social life to pick up. Maybe more free time or you just make the time. You plan some sort of get-away or a girl's trip of some sort. This area of the chart is all about technology so instead of new car fever, you might have new computer fever or new phone fever. You can be more impulsive with this Jupiter energy so be careful about going into Best Buy alone. Make sure you have a friend along who can say "we're just looking" over and over. I'm not saying don't buy. I am just saying don't buy impulsively. This part of the chart is about the future. You are looking ahead and the future is looking good.

Cancer finally has some good news coming with this shift of Jupiter from Pisces into Aries. Jupiter will enter your 10th house of career. From May 11th until October 28th when it retrogrades back, you will have your mind on work. Jupiter is all about expansion and now is the time for you to think about what else you can do professionally. If you are self-employed then now is the time to add employees or open a second location. Add a new product line. You get the idea. Expansion can happen in many different ways. Jupiter adds confidence and enthusiasm so talk to your boss about getting promoted. Allow yourself to be seen. Now is not the time to hide your light under a bushel. Some Cancers will decide to retire this year. That's fine. It will be seen as opening up to new ideas and adventures instead of letting go of something. Even if you are already retired the rest of this year offers new opportunities to lead and take charge. Take a chance. Go on the vacation of a lifetime. Work hard but have fun. And don't forget that Jupiter gives us the confidence to try something new and go into areas we have been too cautious about before. You are called upon to be a leader and show people what you can do. This planet will give you the confidence to learn something new so some of you may be going back to school and finally getting that degree. You deserve some good news and now you have it.

Lucky Leo will find Jupiter moving out of your 8th house and into the 9th. The 8th house is deep, dark and mysterious. We uncover hidden areas of life and hidden areas of ourselves. But now it is like coming out of the tunnel and into the light. As Jupiter enters Aries and your 9th house on May 11th you are ready to take all you have learned and share it with the world. You look around and decide you want to do more and take on new challenges. This is a great time to use social media to get yourself known. Start a website or create your own podcast. Marketing and advertising are on your mind and if you are in sales, then wow, do you do well. But it is also going to give you a yen to see other parts of the country or even the world. This is an international area of the chart after all. If you have the opportunity to travel, do so. It will lift your spirits and give you a new perspective on things. Your life becomes busier as you sign up for classes or go back to school in some form or fashion. Leo loves people and you are in your element. See what I mean about lucky?

Sweet Virgo is going to find this Jupiter transit affecting their 8th house. This house is one that is private and more hidden from view. While Jupiter was in Pisces it was all about love and romance and friends and enjoying life. But now you turn deeply within yourself. You start looking at your past and start asking questions that do not have easy answers. "Am I living the life I was supposed to?" How has my past created my present and will create my future?" These are big questions without clear right and wrong answers. It is a good time to find a counselor or start some talk therapy. This area of the chart is very mysterious and so chances are you will be drawn to that which is hidden from view. This can be reading more mystery stories but also studying occult information or deciding to study to become a medium. Sometimes people talk about more dreams of those who have passed on or a new insight about how The Universe works. This is also a strong money house. With Jupiter (planet of expansion) visiting here, you might get a raise or bonus. There can be more money coming in and isn't that nice. We tend to think about death and dying more. I know, not the most fun subject but sometimes an appropriate one. You will decide to get a will if you do not have one or get a living will to make sure things are taken care of. Our thoughts are serious

Libra has really had their mind on their body and their health for these last few months. Congratulations. You have done what you needed, to maintain good health. As Jupiter makes its move and enters the sign of Aries, you are done with having your body be your main concern. With this switch into Aries, Libra is thinking about love and romance. Many Libras will get engaged while Jupiter is here. Maybe married, maybe involved. Love is in the air. You stick your head out and are ready finally, to say yes to invitations and be more social. Libra loves people. What I love about this change is that you start to indulge yourself instead of deny yourself. Chances are you might find yourself spending more money or goofing off more instead of working or studying. Plan a party or maybe go on a trip. What looks like fun? Just make sure you have some extra money, as this is not a time you are going to be super disciplined. It is not good for diet and exercise as you just want to have fun. But hey, you deserve it.

Scorpio has been having fun and enjoyed yourself but now you start to think about taking care of yourself. If you have been making some poor choices in terms of diet and exercise, now is when that bill comes due. You have to pay attention to your health. But this is not a bad time, not at all. With Jupiter moving into your sixth house of health and well-being, it is a good time to take care of what you have been putting off. Go get a check-up. Maybe it is time to schedule that hip replacement or get your blood sugar checked. The good news is that there is a strong desire to feel strong and in good health and you are willing to do what you have to in order to make that happen. You might be working more right now as well. You work life seems to expand. Others know they can depend on you and may take advantage. But there is such a strong desire to be of service to the world that you are able to take on more right now. You are there for friends, relatives and neighbors that are in need. Not only are you taking care of your own health, you are helping others take care of theirs as well.

As another fire sign, the sign of The Archer is going to benefit big from this sojourn of Jupiter thru the sign of Aries. That means it is going to fall in your fifth house. My favorite. This area of the chart is about your romantic life. Who are you dating? Who do you want to be dating? If you are married or engaged then you want the romance. A good time for you and your sweetheart to go away together. Slow dance under the stars or find what appeals to their romantic side and make it happen. But even if you are totally not interested in romance this is still a positive time for you to spend some time with friends. Take a trip just to get away. This area of the chart is very creative so now is the time to take singing lessons or learn how to pain. Trust your own ability and explore new and exciting hobbies. This is the house that deals with children, so you may have an adult child come back to live with you for a time. But it should turn out well thanks to the help of Jupiter. You might spend more time with your kids and have those very special conversations that bring you closer. A lovely time of having more confidence in yourself and we don't always get that.

This Jupiter transit through their chart is going to affect the fourth house of home and family for Capricorn. This means that many Capricorns will be thinking about buying or selling real estate because the fourth house if all about our home. If you work in real estate then you sort of get a double bonus and can make out like a bandit thanks to the help of Jupiter. I have seen many people qualify for homes they do not qualify for thanks to the help of this large planet. Jupiter makes everything bigger and better. Make sure you do not get your heart set on a house that is out of your budget. You might find a way to get it but you will in the end, have bitten off more than you can chew. But in general this is a positive time in your life. Instead of buying a new place you might decide to sell and given the crazy current market you can make a few bucks. And if you decide to stay put, then it is a great time to enlarge your home or remodel something to make your home more attractive to you. Think of how you would enlarge the home. This can be an adult child coming home to live again. If you are thinking about starting a family, then know that this is a very fertile energy and there might be an announcement coming about a new addition to the family. But the family getting bigger can also be someone getting engaged and adding to the count. Lots of possibilities and I can't wait to see how they play out.

The Water Bearer will find this transit living in your third house. This is an air house and so this can come out in ways that show up in your communication. A lovely time to start that book you are always talking about. You have lots of ideas floating around now, even more than usual and that is saying something. How you express yourself gets a strong and positive boost so it is the perfect time to speak up more or lead the meeting. Give a talk about some subject you know about and make your voice heard. Think of all the ways we can communicate. There is the written word but also the spoken word. We text and phone and use social media, all of which, is going to be highlighted with this visit from Jupiter. Know that this area of the chart deals with siblings and extended family. A good time for you and a brother or sister to take a trip together. The third house is all about short trips and long weekend get-a-ways. But if there has been some problems with your extended family that you have just been ignoring then Jupiter sometimes has a way of bringing things to a head. Be very careful of what you say as this planet can be impulsive and something can come out of your mouth that you did not see coming. Make sure you are careful about what you say.

Pisces has had Jupiter sitting right next to your Sun for these last several months. Lucky you. It has given you confidence to go forward into areas you may have been hesitant to explore. You know you can do it. This strong Pisces energy has also helped your intuitive life and helped you trust your inner voice more. But now it is waving bye-bye and moving on. Not to worry. It is going to enter your second house of income and prosperity. How lucky can you get? The planet of expansion and enlargement is entering your house of money and wealth. What's not to like? This can of course, indicate extra income arriving at your door. You get a raise or find a better paying job. But make sure you do not end up spending it as fast as you get it. Jupiter can be big desires for bigger, better and more. Watch the spending so you can have some nice long-term gains from this positive financial energy.

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