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This visit of Mars is going to fall in Aries third house. This is the area of communication. All styles of how we communicate are going to be energized by this transit. The Ram is a pretty forceful communicator in general. But now Mars wants to speak up and share whatever it thinks. Aries is going to have to be a bit careful here as you can come off as a know-it-all or just plain pushy if you are not careful. But this placement is wonderful for helping you write a book, give a talk, teach a class or go back to school. The mind is strong and open right now so you can study a subject that has always defeated you before and now succeed.

I think The Bull is going to get a lucky break with this visit of Mars thru Gemini. That is because it is going to fall in your second house. The second house is all about money and prosperity. Mars is action oriented. Put the two together and there can be extra income showing up for you for the next several months. A raise may come about or you get a better job. Sometimes you are dealing with large sums of money. Maybe paying tuition or buying a house. Something where you may be signing large checks. But this placement is also good for you to believe in yourself more and believe that you are worth more than you currently have. A positive an optimistic financial vibration. Lucky you.

Wow! This Mars visit is going to be in your very own first house of self for the next seven months! You are going to be full of energy. You want to go and do and make things happen. Gemini is usually pretty impatient but now you cannot stand to wait for anything. There is a restlessness to this vibration that can help you get lots done but also frustrate you that other people are not keeping up. You might find some trouble sleeping as you cannot get your mind to turn off. Too many ideas floating around. You can multi-task like nobody's business so be careful that you do not take on too much. But a lovely time to travel and have adventures.
Sweet Cancer may be wondering what happened to all their energy. That is because this Mars visit is going to land in your twelfth house. This area is all about quiet contemplation. You may long to go on retreat and just get away from everyone and everything for a bit. Try not to push yourself physically. There is a lot of physical energy available but there is plenty of spiritual energy at your disposal. You are more intuitive than usual and that is saying something. This is a creative and artistic energy so you may get inspired to tackle a new project or look at something in a completely new way. You have a rich dream life and have your Guides and Angels talking to you a mile a minute. Just don't push yourself to do too much too fast or your body will say - no way and demand you rest.

This Mars shows up in Leo's eleventh house. What a great place for Leo! This area is all about friends and group activity. The Lion usually has lots of friends and really shines in a group. This is a time for Leo to reach out to new people and make new contacts. The Lion may also be looking at new ideals and new dreams. This is a time to look at the future in a new way. This house is big on technology so for the next few months you might be looking at upgrading your phone or buying a new computer. This is the time to mix and mingle. Get out there and network. Leo was born to network. There are going to be all kinds of new ideas coming to you. Your biggest problem is going to be deciding what to focus on and what to store for future reference.

Sweet Virgo is getting a nice plus with this prolonged visit of Mars in Gemini. That is because it is going to light up your tenth house of career. Virgo can sometimes not get the recognition they deserve but not now! Now it is time to be noticed. You are working hard and getting so much done. A great time to interview or talk to your boss about a promotion. Other departments may be fussing and fighting but you are focused on getting the job done. Because of Gemini's help there might be presentations you nail or paperwork that you handle beautifully. Your verbal skills really shine and if you have been thinking of taking some classes or going back to school then now is the time to do it.

As another air sign Libra is feeling the help and support of Mars in Gemini. It is going to be in your ninth house. I love this part of the chart. It rules travel and especially overseas travel. A good time in the next few months to pack a bag and take a vacation. But this house is also about learning and study and rules higher education. You might decide to teach a class that does really well. Your mind is very focused and you are able to really enjoy being both a student and a teacher. There is a sense of adventure about the ninth house and Mars will push you to try new things and enjoy life. You might try rock climbing or river rafting. Spend some time in nature. What could be better?

The eighth house is where you are going to find this extended visit of Mars. I'm not sure if this is going to come out in just one way for Scorpio. A very intense house with deep and sometimes dark thoughts. You want to study the mysteries of The Universe. This is an area of life and death so you might be thinking along these lines and decide to get your will done or volunteer at Hospice. This is also an area of financial gain. The next several months can see you either get a raise or come into a sum of money that helps your bottom line. A strong financial energy. You may not be sharing all that you are thinking about but these months will help you create a new future that is exciting and fulfilling both.

The Archer is going to experience this new Mars energy in a very clear way. That is because Mars is going to sit opposite your Sun and be in the area of partnerships until March of 2023. If married it is a good time to team up and the two of you work on some project together. Yes, there can be a bit more arguing on how things should be done, but then there is all that making up! This is a strong and passionate energy. If single then these next seven months can be very dramatic for you as you meet someone new who becomes very important to you. Just watch the spending as the seventh house loves the finer things in life. But what an enjoyable time you can have spending money living the good life and hanging out with your friends.

The sixth house is where you are going to find this Mars for sweet Capricorn. This is an area of the chart that deals with health and well-being. You may be focused on taking care of your health for the next several months. This does not mean you get sick, but rather you want to lose weight or get off sugar. You are ready to be in charge of looking and feeling good. You may also be called upon to help someone else with a health issue. Maybe you stay with a friend when they come home from the hospital or drive them to a physical therapy appointment. This house is also the one that deals with pets. You can decide to adopt an animal and bring it home with you. There is a lot going on here but don't forget about work. It does look like you are plenty busy with your own work and a lot is asked of you. Just make sure you pace yourself and do not try and do everything that is asked of you.

As another air sign Aquarius is going to really enjoy this extended visit of Mars in Gemini and your fifth house. That is because the fifth house is the house that deals with pleasure. What makes us happy? Lucky you. This is a very creative area so all kinds of new ideas may be popping up. You can do things in a new way or get some wild idea that turns out to be just what you need. This space has a strong romantic vibe so if you are single then you should be out and about and meeting the man or woman of your dreams. Have fun. Go away for a weekend with your friends. Invite people over and/or accept party invitations. Take up a new hobby. Even if you are not artistic at all yourself you will be able to enjoy the artistic endeavors of others. This house is also about children so you might be more involved in your children's lives.

Home and family is where the heart of Pisces is going to be for the next several months. This can come out in multiple ways. This Mars is going to be sitting in your fourth house and that house is about family and home. This might be you deciding to move or buy a second home. Even if you decide to stay put, there can be new wallpaper or a remodeled kitchen. You are ready to tackle projects that you have been putting off but now is the time to make it happen. Family demands seem to increase. This can be children coming back home to live or family members coming for a visit, or you go to visit them. Either way, you are seeing more of family now and they are in your mind. They may need you in some way and sweet Pisces steps up. This area is also about fertility, so if you and your spouse are trying to have a baby, now is a great time.

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