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On April 9th, Mercury turns retrograde. I know we have all heard the jokes and horror stories about Mercury retrograde. Even those who know next to nothing about astrology know that Mercury Retrograde is BAD. But is it? Most people know that Mercury rules our communications. When any planet goes retrograde it simply means that it looks as if it is moving backward. In our high stress, busy world, we are inundated with messages from every communication source possible. We not only have a land line telephone but a cell phone as well. We text, twitter and email numerous times a day. Our lives are dependant on all the many gadgets that seem to be needed to make it through one 24 hour period. It's a delicate balancing act at best. And then along comes the planet that's in charge of all this information and we cannot seem to get from point A to point B without some sort of breakdown. Mail gets lost, computer files get corrupted and documents get lost. Worst of all there is only so much we can do to guard against the trickier aspects of Mercury. I always tell clients to double-check appointments and avoid signing important paperwork, if at all possible. When we take action during retrograde periods we often end up redoing some part of it. Hence, you do not want to buy a new car during this period. Retrograde motion seems slower, so that's why astrologers talk about delays and the need for extra time. I hear lots of moans and groans about Mercury retrograde, but few discussions about the up side of this period. That's right, there is an upside to Mercury retrograde! Because our outer life is not working at top speed during this time, it's easier to pay attention to our inner voice. We slow down and are able to listen to guidance from a higher source. Depending on what sign Mercury falls in, this can be a super psychic time. This particular Mercury retrograde period falls in Taurus and Aries. Taurus has a strong energy concerning material wealth. Yes, sometimes this will come out in a challenging way. We have to redo our taxes or go back and refinance something. But this is also a great time to look over the family's finances and redo your budget. Mercury rules our communication so you will find yourself communicating more about your material goods. Get some good investment advice or take another look at how you are saving for retirement. During retrograde periods mistakes are more likely to happen. So I would suggest you investigate ways to save or improve your budget but wait until after Mercury turns direct on May 3rd to implement these changes. A positive aspect of retrograde Mercury in Taurus would be an old friend repaying a loan you completely forgot about. It's probably not a good time to borrow money as there would be delays and difficulties. Check your bank statement carefully for errors and make sure you mail in all bill payments on time. There is a lot of talk about money. You can go back to old sales leads and finally make the sale. As Mercury retrogrades back even further into Aries on April 20th it moves into a sign that is known for independence and leadership Aries is impulsive. With Mercury here it will be easy to speak first and maybe not have all the facts. Mercury is fast moving and so is Aries. Together these two can have you rushing into something that needs more time. But it is a great time to begin taking the first steps to making a dream come true. Just because you should move slowly does not mean you should not move at all. Take a minute to see where your leadership is most needed. Where do you want to have the biggest impact? Make the plans you need to and then bring them to public attention after May 3rd when Mercury is direct. See there IS a positive side to Mercury retrograde! er suddenly decide to get married. Jupiter can bring in some big packages. It's up to us to open them up and see what's there.

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